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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior


Maternal and Child Area

Update Date:2021-05-03

Units:National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior

Maternal and child safety has been a universal value, as well as a representation of human rights and the hopes of the country. In order to integrate and expand the maternal and child protection resources, the government reengineered its organization in 2003. The former Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee of the Ministry of the Interior has been transferred to the Department of Protective Services of the Ministry of Health and Welfare since July 23, 2003. For enquiries about the relevant transferred services (including domestic violence prevention, sexual assault prevention, sexual harassment prevention, child and adolescent protection, child and juvenile sexual exploitation prevention, etc.), please call (02) 8590-6666 or check the website.

Protecting women and children from harm is a key task in public security. In order to strengthen the energy of mobilization about police administration for women and children, we have established the Crime Prevention Division since January 1, 2014. Besides, we set the affiliated unit, called women and children security section, to promote the nationwide security work for women and children. The section also implements all kinds of women and children protection work, which focus on the crime prevention and protection of victims. If you have any questions about the police duties and services of maternal and child safety, you can contact the Agency at (02) 2321-9011 or the local police station.

The objectives and implementation strategies for the police administration on the national women and children safety protection:

Objectives: According to the needs of women and children safety protection work, we plan to increase service manpower, improve work efficiency and professional development, and strengthen the internal and external cooperation methods of police management.
Implementation strategies:
Increase the maternal and child service manpower in the police departments and precincts every year and strengthen the working capacity for maternal and child protection work.
Establish the manual of the police administration on maternal and child safety to strengthen the enforcement knowledge of police.

Modify the standard operating procedures for maternal and child protection work to enhance the concerning abilities of police.

Establish an interdepartmental work platform for maternal and child safety in central government agencies, improve the scale of maternal and child protection measures, set up the horizontal communication channels between police, and implement specific measures.

Take specific measures of the year of community security.
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