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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior



Publish Date:2022-02-25

Units:National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior

Public Satisfaction with the Police is over 80% in 3 Consecutive Years Citizens Support Drug Enforcement, Fraud Prevention and Various Measures by the Police
The Crime Research Center of National Chung Cheng University has been paying close attention to public safety issues since 2008. As a trusted third party, surveys carried out by the center are objective, scientific, and close to public opinion. Such surveys allow NPA to review and improve continuously, understand citizen’s expectations for public safety, and meet citizen’s needs when implementing various policies.

Recently, the center announced the "2021 Annual Survey of Taiwan Citizen’s Satisfaction with Justice and Crime Prevention Policies". 82.5% of the respondents were satisfied with the police in maintaining public safety, and the satisfaction has been remaining over 80% in 3 consecutive years. Nearly 90% of the respondents felt safe and secure in their neighborhood in 2 consecutive years. In addition, the satisfaction with the drug enforcement and the fraud prevention was over 60% respectively. The survey carried out by Chung Cheng University which as an objective and impartial trusted third party indicates that the efforts to maintain the social order and fight crimes by the police are highly praised and supported by the public.

In this survey, the "overall public safety satisfaction" slightly declined compared with last year's survey. We reasonably inferred that some individual incidents occurred in the second half year of 2021 affected citizens’ perception of public safety. For instance, a convenience store employee was attacked while persuading a customer to wear a mask in Pingtung on September 26, a male college student surnamed Song was beaten and seriously injured in a car accident in Taichung on November 7, and a convenience store employee was stabbed to death in Taoyuan on November 21. Such incidents made the public feel unstable. However, not only did the government immediately take positive measures to investigate and solve the above-mentioned cases, but it also launched an anti-gang project to bust principle culprits and stop money flow, resulting in the successful detection of the shooting incident occurred in Xindian, the escort of the suspects who had fled to China to return to Taiwan, and the seizure of the largest ever heroin smuggling case on land. Such deeds made that the public is still confident in the government and the police in maintaining public safety. In the future, NPA will continue to enhance various measures to maintain the social order in response to the crime trend.