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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior



Publish Date:2020-12-22

Units:National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior

Clarification: Misinformation of New Traffic Rules on Crossing Stop Lines & DUI
The misinformation of newly enacted traffic rules, e.g. a disproportionate new fine $6,000NTD for speeding, with an additional fine $100NTD per one kilometer/hour exceeded, as well as other misinformation of the same nature, has been circulated among people for years, despite being debunked and clarified by the authorities and media time and again, NPA stated in a press release.

“The general public are encouraged to fact-check their source of information through the use of websites, such as “Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China” provided by the Ministry of Justice and “Traffic Laws & Regulations Real-time Search System” provided by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications,” the NPA said. “It is also suggested to make inquiries at the nearest police forces or call the National Police Agency at 02-23219011, if there is any questions as to the validity of the information concerning traffic rules.”

There are new amendments to the traffic laws & regulations, however, enacted and came into effect on December 1st, 2020, following the three readings of Legislative Yuan and promulgation by the president as per the Constitution of R.O.C., including Article 30, Article 55 Paragraph 2, and Article 90 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, which are as follows:
  1. the fine has been raised to 3,000NTD to 18,000NTD for drivers whose goods are scattered or fallen out of the vehicle while driving.
  2. drivers with children aged seven or under are granted the right to be exempted from the restriction of stopping for less than 3 minutes.
  3. the period for violations being subject to enforcement is reduced from 3 months to 2 months.