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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior



Publish Date:2023-01-31

Units:National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior

Mini-three Links to be reinstated Deputy Minister of the Interior Chen Zongyan Visits Matsu for Inspection
    Chen Zongyan, Deputy Minister of the Interior, visited Matsu on January 9 to inspect the "Lunar New Year Transport Project for People in Kinmen and Matsu Area" to strengthen "Customs" "Immigration ", "Quarantine” and "Security "(also known as CIQS) missions.
    At the same time, Chen also instructed the central authorities in Matsu to work with the Lianjiang County Government to implement this project, so that Matsu people can return home smoothly, and the cross-strait exchanges can be facilitated as usual.
    Chen said that the Matsu mini-three links have been suspended for nearly 3 years since 2010. The Executive Yuan launched the special project to resume the service before the lunar new year holidays. The project opens only to people with household registrations in Kinmen and Matsu, Chinese students and Chinese spouses of Taiwan nationals. Make sure to contact Kinmen and Matsu governments for registration.
    In addition, in light of the prevention and control of African swine fever, relevant units such as quarantine and customs shall also be requested to work together to suppress the outbreak of epidemics.
    The Keelung Harbor Police Department of the National Police Agency reminds that when returning home, please pay attention to your luggage, and maintain traffic flow and order. During the period of the project, transportation business owners must carry only registered residents of the two counties, including Chinese spouses or they shall be punished by law.
    Chen presented a consolation fund to the front-line colleagues of the Keelung Harbor Police Department and Lianjiang County Police Department and encouraged all units to keep the general public on an even keel through the time of hardship.