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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior



Publish Date:2024-02-05

Units:National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior

Police Gear Up for Lunar New Year Traffic Control and Drunk Driving Prevention
With a seven-day Lunar New Year holiday ahead, there is expected to be a significant increase in driving for homecomings and tourism. To maintain smooth traffic flow and ensure road safety, the National Police Agency(NPA) has instructed all police departments to intensify planning for duties during the holiday period, particularly in areas with bustling Lunar New Year markets, tourist attractions, and congested roads. Adequate planning and deployment strategies are being implemented to address these challenges, including focusing on bottleneck areas, unexpected road conditions and traffic accidents to achieve the goal of seamless travel.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Transportation on road traffic accidents from January to November of the 2023, there were 367,311 traffic accidents, with the leading cause for car accidents being "failure to yield as required," followed by "failure to pay attention to the front of the vehicle." For motorcycle accidents during the same period, the primary cause was "failure to pay attention to the front of the vehicle," followed by "failure to yield as required," and "failure to maintain safe distance from vehicles ahead." Drivers are reminded to strictly adhere to traffic regulations, avoid fatigue, ensure they are well-rested before hitting the road, and pay close attention to the conditions in front of their vehicles to maintain road safety.

Given the increased opportunities for dining and drinking during the holiday period, the NPA, in collaboration with the Taiwan Against Drunk Driving (TADD), held an annual anti-drunk driving press conference on January 31st of 2024. Representatives from the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Ministry of Justice also participated, collectively pledging the government's determination to combat drunk driving. Drivers are urged not to take chances, as law enforcement agencies will continue to enforce laws rigorously. Restaurants and alcohol vendors are encouraged to collaborate with taxi to offer measures such as " designated driving service" and "calling taxis for customers" to collectively prevent drunk driving behavior.

The NPA urges road users to be aware that high occupancy controls and ramp closures will be implemented on highways during the Lunar New Year holiday. Before setting out, please confirm the affected road sections and schedules, plan alternative routes in advance, and be flexible in adjusting travel plans to ensure smoother traffic flow. During the holiday period, it is recommended to listen to police radio broadcasts or utilize the 1968 service hotline or "Happy Highway" app to stay informed about traffic management measures and real-time highway conditions, effectively avoiding congested road sections and time periods to make Lunar New Year holiday travel more efficient.