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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior



Publish Date:2024-03-22

Units:National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior

Director General Huang Expresses Gratitude to Female Colleagues for Their Hard Work and Dedication on International Women's Day
Director General Huang Ming-Chao of the National Police Agency (NPA) made a special visit to various units within the agency to deliver gifts and roses to over 300 female colleagues. Through this gesture, he extended blessings to all female colleagues and women nationwide, with the aim of raising public awareness and attention to women's personal safety.

In the pursuit of a new era in preventing sexual harassment, a cross-agency and cross-departmental team from the Executive Yuan collaborated on amending the "Sexual Harassment Prevention Act," the " Gender Equality in Employment Act," and the " Gender Equity Education Act." The objective is to effectively combat perpetrators, provide compassionate protection to victims, and establish a robust system for preventing sexual harassment. These acts were promulgated by the president on August 16, 2023. Due to the extensive amendments, some articles took effect immediately, while the remainder officially took effect on International Women's Day.

Emphasizing that the majority of sexual harassment victims are women, the NPA underscores the importance of women's personal safety as a priority for government departments and law enforcement agencies, as well as the necessity for public attention. Individuals experiencing sexual harassment can call the emergency hotline 110 or the protection hotline 113, or report the incident to the nearest police station.

Prioritizing women's personal safety is an international trend and a universal value. The protection of women's personal safety serves as a measure of progress valued by advanced countries. In recent years, Taiwan has made significant amendments and promulgations to laws and regulations related to the protection of women and children, further strengthening human rights protection, victim support, and crime prevention, while assigning greater responsibilities and a more proactive role to the police in safeguarding women's personal safety. The police will continue to collaborate with relevant units to implement various policies and measures, fostering a safer living environment across the nation.