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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior



Publish Date:2024-01-30

Units:National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior

Interior Minister Lin Yu-chang Takes on a Trendy Podcaster Role, Amplifying the Voice of the Police!
In an effort to enhance public understanding of the government's commitment to combating crime and to articulate tangible support for the police force, Minister of the Interior, Lin Yu-chang, has embraced the role of a popular podcaster. Collaborating with police officers, they produce the "鴿急啦" podcast, now officially accessible on platforms like Podcast, Spotify, and KKbox.

In the program, the minister discusses various policies implemented since taking office, such as promoting regulations on firearms and ammunition control and amending laws related to organized crime. Through media coverage, these policies significantly impact societal security. The minister strives to address legal loopholes, fundamentally solving issues to create a safer environment for the public. The program also explains the government's specific actions in caring for the police, including details about police welfare policies. Towards the end of the program, the minister, fueled by a passion for food, expresses a particular liking for Keelung meatballs and unveils plans to create a police station food map, recommending delectable coffee, desserts, and local culinary delights to the audience.

Highlighting that police officers operate around the clock, undertaking high-risk duties that impact their wellness, the minister advocates for overtime pay for nighttime police work as a future goal. Furthermore, the minister pledges unwavering support for the police, continuously advocating for improved welfare, upgraded equipment, and an enhanced work environment. Director –general of the National Police Agency Huang Ming-chao adds that under the minister's tenure, there has been active promotion of various security policies and police welfare. He also expresses gratitude for the minister's love and support for the police.