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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior



Publish Date:2023-02-28

Units:National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior

Strengthen Guidelines on Interactions with “Designated Individuals” and Set a Good Example of Police Enforcement and Integrity for the Public
The recent incidents in which police officers failed to comply with the police guidelines that prohibit them from inappropriate interactions with individuals considered a threat to public security had aroused the public's doubts about the government fairness and integrity. 
    The National Police Agency (hereinafter referred to as NPA) promulgated “the regulations governing police officers’ dealings with certain individuals” and the SOP to obtain permission either before or after the meeting. The regulations specify the way, location, and prohibition guidelines to protect the police officers from lawbreaking when interacting with the designated individuals. The regulations are not aimed to be used as an assessment record or reference for promotion.
    The NPA has reiterated that when the police have to interact with certain individuals in the line of duty, they shall follow the pre-approval and post report mechanism and make sure to set a good example of police enforcement and integrity for the public.