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1.Anti-Drug MV – “Find the Way Out,” creates a drug-free environment by joint efforts of the public and the police107-10-12 09:35
2.Taiwan and Nauru Signed Police Cooperation Agreement to Fighting Transnational Crime107-09-27 12:52
3.International Forum on Police Cooperation Focusing on Combating Fraud Gathers Representatives from 38 Countries Invited by the Ministry of the Interior107-09-27 12:51
4.Government and people jointly fight online scams Minister Hsu chairs LINE 2018 Cyber Security Project107-09-19 14:42
5.The Amendment to the Salary Scale of National Police Passed by the Legislative Yuan in the Third Reading benefited 80,000 Police Officers and Firefighters107-08-07 15:30
6.Annual Survey of Satisfaction on Social Order by MOI107-07-04 14:18
7.A Successful Comprehensive Fraud Fighting Program for a “Happy Life” & Confiscation of Criminal Assets of NTD 2.2 Billion107-06-07 09:50
8.Two Highway Police Killed in the Line of Duty107-05-22 08:31
9.Current Household Visitation by Police Becomes History, Community Policing Takes Place for Public Service107-04-12 11:06
10.Calls on Women’s Safety and Protection by NPA107-03-20 16:06
11.New Rescue Mode formed by Police after Earthquakes107-02-22 10:32
12.Comprehensive Anti-drug Battle - MOI's Guidelines Work Effectively107-01-08 16:34
13.New Fraudulent Tricks-Beware of ATM Frauds106-12-29 09:28
14.National Police Agency Wins 2017 Civil Service Outstanding Contribution Award106-12-29 09:28
15.Interested in Applying for Global Entry? Get a Police Criminal Record Certificate Now!106-11-15 08:48
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