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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China(Taiwan)

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The NPA Utilizing M-Police System Inspects People under Home Quarantine for Going Out Strictly

【2020-03-16 15:50】

The Executive Yuan announced that the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) was upgraded to the highest level on February 27, 2020. And the National Police Agency (NPA) immediately set up a joint command center to respond to the epidemic prevention work.

In order to prevent the people under home quarantine from going out and causing public anxiety, the NPA introduced “home quarantine” identity searching function into the M-police system to strictly inspected the said people for violating relevant regulations.

In response to the spread of rumors or false information about the epidemic, the Legislative Yuan has passed the Third Reading of “Enactment of Special Statute for COVID-19 Prevention, Relief and Restoration” to punish violators with a maximum of three years imprisonment and a fine of up to NT $ 3 million. The task forces were also set up in all police agencies to enhance detection of related crimes.

The NPA once again emphasized that there must be no gaps in the implementation for border control of epidemic prevention work, and asked the police to closely check whether the contents of health declaration card are detailed so as to prevent the public from filling in falsehoods.