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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China(Taiwan)

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Six Steps for Dating Safety

【2019-11-18 16:05】

1.Inquire Beforehand:
Inquire about the time and location clearly before dates. And must be careful while your date suggesting to a private or faraway place.
2.Dating Location:
Date at the open space with many people around and well-lighted, rather than date at a private or dark place because of “opportunity makes the thief”.
3.Dating Time:
Date during the day time as possible. Tell your family or friends about the date, and ask them to contact you actively after the scheduled dating time.
4.Be Alert to the People with Bad Intentions:
Be careful and keep your distance from your date whom ask you to his/her home or hotel. If your date give you a questionable drink or food, don’t accept it and stay awake to get out of there at the right time.
5.React Immediately:
While your date doing handsy movements to you, please try to get away from him/her, and tell your family about the situation on the phone.
6.Refuse Bravely:
While your date making some strange requests, you must think about whether that would cause dangers or not. If yes, refuse him/her firmly and euphemistically.

If you get invaded unfortunately, please stay calm and record the time, place, characteristics of your date, then keep the evidence and call 110, 113 for help and reporting a crime.