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Well Prepared before Applying for Jobs to Avoid Falling into Traps

【2019-10-24 16:17】

Due to lack of social experience, students might easily be deceived, exploited, or lured by high-paid and get involved in illegal activities while finding for part-time work during vacations. To avoid these situations, please pay attention to the following guidelines:
1.Observe that if there is any unusual information regarding jobs you applied for, and refuse to be the exploited victims of crimes.
2.Be careful about your personal safety, and notice the environment and entrance while interviewing. If necessary, please ask your family and friends to accompany you.
3.While providing your identity documents, seals, passbooks, and withdrawal cards for job interviews, please keep in mind that don't let your bank account become the "dummy account" for fraud groups.
4.Read the content of contracts carefully so as not to sign “unequal contracts”.