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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China(Taiwan)

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2019 International Forum on Police Cooperation: Combating Transnational Drug Crimes Taiwan Government invites our international friends to attend the Forum

【2019-09-18 16:59】

The six main co-hosts of the Forum were Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mainland Affairs Council, Ministry of Justice, Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, and the Coast Guard Administration, Ocean Affairs Council; The 2019 International Forum on Police Cooperation: Combating Transnational Drug Crimes was organized by the National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior, and held at the Taipei Marriott Hotel on September 4 and 5, 2019. This year’s Forum enjoyed the presence of the President of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police (IACP), many national police commissioners visiting Taiwan specifically for the event, and more than 100 distinguished participants from over 30 countries, along with domestic attendees including resident diplomats and representatives, and experts participating in the Forum from government sectors such as interior, foreign affairs, customs, coast guard, and police, and academia including the Central Police University and the National Chung Cheng University. This year’s Forum involved a total of over 350 participants from home and abroad, representing the nation’s successful conduct of last year’s Forum on combating international cyber fraud, and the theme focused on combating transnational drug crime, indicated Taiwan’s resolve and capabilities to join the nations of the world in combating drug crimes.

This year’s Forum organizers invited officials, experts and academics with relevant scholarship and practical experience to serve as Moderators, Speakers and panelists, contributing their knowledge through specialized presentations, case studies, or experience sharing. The Forum was presented in three dimensions, from crime investigation, the judiciary, and international cooperation, with five themes for the professional discussions:

1. Crime investigation was considered through professional discussions on “The Trends and Challenges of Drug Crimes”, ”Strategies of Investigation in Drug Crimes” and “New Models of International Cooperation in Combating Drug Crime”.

2. The judiciary was considered for its functions in rendering “Cooperation on Combating Transnational Crime and Mutual Legal Assistance”, and through a thorough-going discussion of transnational prevention strategies.

3. International cooperation was presented through exchange about “The Challenges and Opportunities of International Law Enforcement Organizations in Combating Transnational Crime”.

This year’s Forum aimed not only to consider international law enforcement agency international trends in drug crime and prevention strategies, as well as sharing our national practices and experiences in combating transnational drug crime.

The government of Taiwan hopes that this Forum would serve as an effective platform emphasizing pragmatic enforcement means, supported by robust academic scholarship, to forge a broad global consensus among all the participating nations in combating transnational drug crime, strengthening Taiwan’s partnerships and mechanisms with all of our partners in transnational crime investigation, and ensuring future crime intelligence sharing along with the exchange of criminal evidence, to efficaciously combat the growing trends toward transnational drug crime activities, and to protect the security of the lives and property of the public.