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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China(Taiwan)

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The NPA Conducts High-level Commanders’ Anti-Terrorism Drill to Strengthen Crisis Management Capabilities

【2019-06-14 08:45】

This simulation drill, featuring no script, was the first to include officers at the commander level in the training and was conducted in the National Police Agency’s Counter-Terrorism Training Center where police chiefs from the Aviation Police Bureau, the Railway Police Bureau, the Taipei City Police Department, and the New Taipei City Police Department led their teams to carry out the drill as counter-terrorism experts were invited to comment on the result, and deputy police chiefs (or higher) from police departments across Taiwan were required to attend and watch the drill.
The purpose of this simulation drill is to enhance police’s anti-terrorism capabilities by testing commanders' on-the-spot response ability and their mental strength. It was designed to test whether a commander can stay calm and poised under pressure, make the right decisions and guide the team to complete the assigned mission.