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National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China(Taiwan)

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The NPA reveals new uniforms, President Tsai witness important moment

【2019-04-30 09:17】

With the full support of President Tsai and the assistance from experts, new police uniforms had successfully been designed, purchased, manufactured, and distributed to all the police officers.

On April 18, 2019, the National Police Agency (NPA), Ministry of the Interior, held a ceremony for revealing new uniforms witnessed by President Tsai personally.

The new uniform is designed as to meet the needs of police work, which usually included high-intensity activities such as running and combat, and to completely present professionalism of the police. The police wearing the new uniform have a clear image of justice and law enforcement, which must win the hearts of people.

In terms of the uniform color, it is changed from light-purple to dark blue. And the design of tactical style meets the needs for comfortable and police duties. The cap comes with winter and summer use. In addition, the new uniform has accordion folds for extra flexibility, while more pockets have been added throughout the uniform. The shirt buttons have been replaced with zipper for quicker access. Two layers of fabric have been added to the knees to make the pants more durable. Waistband made of Nylon could perfectly fit the body with Velcro. The shoes with excellent wrapping and breathing are suitable for the police to stand for long period and exercise.

Furthermore, the new police uniform is not only completely in accord with notion of gender equality, but elevate the safety of police effectively. Meanwhile, the dark blue uniform reveals the prudent image of the police, and demonstrates the dignity of police law enforcement.

The NPA held a video conference on April 15, 2019, requiring all levels of police departments to propagate the new police uniform for fear that people might refuse to cooperate with the police in questioning due to not recognizing the new police uniform. Besides, the NPA reminded all the police to take notice of the safety while on duty and try the best to maintain public order, uphold safety in society so as to gain people’s trust. The pride and glory of being a police officer would be passed down from generation to generation.