National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China(Taiwan)

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International Forum on Police Cooperation Focusing on Combating Fraud Gathers Representatives from 38 Countries Invited by the Ministry of the Interior

【2018-09-27 12:51】

  The "2018 International Forum on Police Cooperation: Combating Transnational Telecommunications Fraud" organized by the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, and Mainland Affairs Council is being held by the National Police Agency at the Grand Hotel in Taipei on September 19 and 20, 2018. Apart from the President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and police chiefs from other countries who were invited as honorable guests, there are 127 foreign participants from 38 countries. The guest list includes ambassadors and representatives from foreign embassies in Taiwan, the academics and experts, and government officials from the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, and Mainland Affairs Council, judicial bodies, police authorities, and the Central Police University. The event is estimated to gather more than 350 domestic and international guests, marking it the largest seminar on police cooperation and anti-fraud in Taiwan’s history. The conference shows Taiwan's strength and commitment to collaborating with other nations in fighting fraud and its attempt to establish a platform for combating transnational crime, mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, and police cooperation.

  This is Taiwan’s first international forum on police cooperation focusing on Combating Fraud. The organizer has invited 60 officers, experts, and scholars specialized in this area with practical experiences to be the moderators, speakers, and panelists. They will give presentations on individual topics, study cases and share their experiences in practice. The seminar is divided into three areas - Justice, Detection, and International Cooperation. The following ten topics are discussed:
1.Justice Session: Cooperation in Combating Transnational Crime and Mutual Legal Assistance, Transnational Cooperation in Seizing and Recovering Criminal Assets, New Models of International Cooperation in Combating Cross-Border Crime (Case Study), International Cooperation on Anti-Money Laundering
2.Detection Session: The Trend and Challenges in Telecommunications Fraud, Strategies of Investigation and Management in Combating Fraud, Cooperative Model in Fighting Cross-Border Fraud- Victims in the Third Place (Case Study), Global Network Connection in Combating Transnational Fraud (Case Study)
3.International Cooperation session: The Challenges and Opportunities of International Law Enforcement Organizations in Combating Transnational Crime, International Cooperation on Combating Transnational Crime: Experience Sharing and Lessons Learned

  The goal of the seminar is to share Taiwan's achievements and experiences in stopping cross-border telecommunications fraud, showcase our achievements and great expertise as well as learn from foreign experts and scholars about the global trends and anti-fraud strategies.

  Through the forum, the government aims to combine theories and practice, gather consensus for battling transnational telecommunications fraud among states, enhance interaction and communication between countries, establish the cooperative mechanism and partnership with foreign states for transnational crime investigation, create opportunities for international cooperation on law enforcement. Also, the conference is expected to facilitate judicial and police cooperation on criminal intelligence exchange, case investigation and evidence transfer to effectively crack down rising transnational fraud and safeguard people's lives and assets.

  The international forum plays a pivotal role in showcasing Taiwan's achievement in fraud detection, prevention and sharing our successful experience. Taiwan will never back out in the face of global criminal matters. Today, through the event, we are calling for your attention to make combating transnational fraud a top priority of your judicial work and law enforcement. Lastly, thank you for your support and assistance to Taiwan’s participation in international law enforcement and police cooperation.