National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China(Taiwan)

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Deaths related to drunk driving down 28% in 2016

【2017-07-06 09:50】

Deaths and injuries caused by drunk driving present such a major problem to the maintenance of road safety and have left so many families broken that it has become an extreme concern to the media and the general public. The government has therefore stepped up its efforts in areas such as policy-making, legislation, road construction, public education and law enforcement with the goal of eradicating the scourge of drunk driving and lower the overall number of traffic accidents.
According to the statistics compiled by the National Police Agency (NPA), the number of drunk driving cases recorded in 2016 reached 104,756, of which 62,959 were handed over to the prosecutors. There were 102 deaths involving drunk driving last year, down 28.17%, or 40, compared with 2015. Police presence has increased, with officers deployed to intercept drunk drivers during the day as well as at night. This and better enforcement tactics, stronger determination and improvements in the standard operation procedure have led to fewer fatal accidents. The NPA will continue its zero tolerance policy against drunk driving in order to maintain a safe traffic environment.
For the protection of people's lives and properties, the NPA continues to organize simultaneous nationwide crackdowns every month and irregular enforcement actions against drunk driving so as to deter potential drunk drivers and to prevent accidents from occurring. At the same time, the NPA demands that local police authorities step up enforcement measures targeted at drunk driving "hot spots" or during special holidays and long weekends. The local police authorities are also expected to use flexibility when planning for enforcement related to the crackdown on drunk driving, implement "regional defense" against drunk drivers, strengthen inspections by patrol units so that vehicles with clear signs of being driven by motorists under the influence of alcohol are stopped for inspection, and heighten the intensity and frequency of enforcement to ensure that accidents related to drunk driving are effectively prevented.
With drunk driving posing a serious threat to people's lives and their properties, its prevention has been made a top priority for the current government. In addition to supervising local police authorities in their work to enforce law strictly and fairly and to protect people's lives and properties, the NPA, through the mechanism of Traffic Safety Supervision Meetings, seeks to integrate resources and capabilities in areas such as public education, improvement in road construction, vehicle administration and law enforcement, to effectively prevent drunk driving.